Create and track your life goals

Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are more successful than those who don’t. Making a better life is within your reach and Practice What U Want is here to help. Our online community can help you create and track meaningful goals that help you achieve your dreams.

Set goals for all areas of your life

Create goals in any of the 5 categories - love & kindess, health & fitness, wisdom & creativity, lifestyle & career, and sports & leisure - and set milestones for each. Setting specific goals and breaking them down into small bite sized tasks is the best method for success.

Join an online community that inspires

Keep focused on your goals by journaling about your experience. Write comments, post pictures, and for an extra boost of inspiration, open your page up to the community. By making your goal public you can receive encouragement from others. Invite your friends and family to follow your page and keep you on track. Get connected with other Practice What U Want users with similar interests and learn from their experiences.

Keep motivated and have fun

Achieving our personal goals should be rewarding enough, but sometimes a little extra encouragement can go a long way! Make goal setting fun by earning badges and points for interacting with the community and staying active on the site.


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